The Natural History Society of Maryland now has a Meetup group for people interested in exploring nature with others.

Anyone can use this tool to find new friends with similar nature interests. Or propose an activity (e.g., nature hike, focused trip or search, workshop, neighborhood gathering, citizen science project, museum exploration, or impromptu gathering). If you can imagine it—it can happen. Through this site the Society will organize programs, and members of Meetup can share discoveries by posting photos.

Please join the group and share your questions, ideas, and interests. It’s simple. Just go to Click on the ‘Join Us’ link in the upper right hand corner, and enter your name, email address, and a password. Then introduce yourself (as much or as little as you care to). Share your ideas, select how you want to be notified, and join the adventures! The more people participate, the easier it will be to find each other and activities nearby. So join us and spread the word to others who like to explore nature.

Join us as an active member, too. Dues and donations support the Maryland Naturalist Center project. Active membership is not a prerequisite for participating in any Meetup activity, but sometimes members will pay a reduced fee for a formal program.