The minutes from our November 3, 2016 meeting. Below are the action items as well as some important updates.

Workgroup Retreat: January 11th will likely be the first day of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s first two-day Biennial Review Meeting, which could impact staff’s ability to attend a full-day Communications Workgroup retreat. Please help us determine a new date for our upcoming Workgroup Retreat by completing this poll by COB Friday, November 18th:

2016 EC Action Items: If you are a jurisdictional representative, please follow up with those in your office who are responsible for Chesapeake Bay restoration to touch base about the PSA. If you would like to be a part of the call with Mary Gattis to get more specifics about the PSAs, please contact Rachel. Anyone who wants to participate in the call with Jessica Blackburn about the workgroup’s involvement with CAC’s action items should get in touch with Stephanie.

Environmental Indicators: Do you have interest or expertise in communicating scientific data? Do you wonder how data from your state will be represented as part of the indicators on ChesapeakeProgress? Consider joining the Status and Trends Workgroup! Email Catherine with your interest, and she will pass your name and contact information onto Status and Trends Workgroup and Indicators Coordinator Laura Free.

Workgroup Leadership: As you may know, Bill and Catherine’s two-year terms as Chair and Vice Chair will end in January 2017. If approved by the workgroup, Catherine will move into the Chair position—but we still need to nominate and approve a Vice Chair. If you are interested in serving as Vice Chair or if you would like to nominate a candidate, please let me know. We will discuss this at our December meeting and hope to hold a vote at our January retreat. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities, please see the workgroup’s charter:

Upcoming Items for Review: In the coming weeks, you will receive several items for review, so keep an eye out on our Chesapeake Network group page.

Individual Actions: Rachel will reach out Renee Thompson, Drew Pizzala, Darius Stanton and Emily Freeman to address individual communications needs that arose during their presentations.