Watch the Free Recorded Businesses for the Bay/Chesapeake Bay Program Webinar Series! Start off 2019 by learning about the five themes of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement and the actions your business can take this year to protect our environment. Each of the actions that Businesses for the Bay (B4B) members commit to and measure are aligned with these five themes: Abundant Life, Clean Water, Climate Change Resiliency, Conserved Lands and Engaged Communities.

In collaboration with our networking partner, the Chesapeake Bay Program, B4B is excited to present the below webinars that dive into each one of these themes in more detail. You will learn what actions your business can put into place and see examples that current B4B members have already put into practice.

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Abundant LifeThe Chesapeake Bay watershed supports an incredible 3,600+ species of plants and animals including the fish, oysters and crabs that fuel a booming seafood industry, the birds that bring tourists flocking to the area and the pollinators that keep our ecosystem in balance. Direct actions such as building nesting boxes are fun and helpful activities, but did you know that just choosing native over non-native plants can also make a difference to the environment?

Clean WaterClean water is a measure we can all get behind. Animals live in the water, people swim and recreate in it, businesses use it and we all drink it. Yet excess nutrients, sediment, litter and toxic contaminants enter and degrade our waterways, posing risks to humans and wildlife. From decreasing plastic in the workplace to controlling stormwater or having a green wall, your business can take actions to create a better world for yourselves, your employees and our water.

Climate ChangeStorms, floods and changing landscapes will have big impacts across the Chesapeake Bay watershed to the natural world and our buildings alike. Adapting to potential changes will help our habitats, communities and businesses continue to thrive. Whether you plant native shade trees to help streams stay cool and vibrant or you’re doing a flood vulnerability analysis to guard against damage, learn more about actions that can help build climate resiliency.

Conserved LandsThe Chesapeake Bay watershed has historical and cultural sites from significant points in history, land treasured by the residents of your area and landscapes beloved nationally. Whether you help create a wildlife corridor, preserve a cultural site or manage habitat, helping to conserve lands shows potential new hires, customers, clients and your neighbors that you are concerned about being an environmentally conscious organization.

Engaged CommunitiesBeing a good neighbor is crucial to succeeding as a business – and it makes for a better world. Implement employee volunteer days, help create a public access point to a waterway or create a nature trail for your community to use. In addition to creating loyal new customers, engaging in “green” health – spending time in nature or being involved in natural causes – improves the physical and emotional health and morale of your employees!

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Please click here to watch the entire free webinar series and learn more on the Businesses for the Bay website