Fishermen, crabbers, boaters, volunteers–We need your input! Students from a Northern VA high school are designing apps to provide information to specific Chesapeake Bay stakeholders. The trouble is, they don‰’t know many!

Help give motivation to student learning by responding to this call for stakeholder input. Use this anonymous form to provide input.

Do you know how hard it is to get students to see that their learning connects to the *real* world? This is your chance to help them see that what they‰’re learning about matters to YOU! Please use the form to give your input.




  • GROUPS G: For this project, our groups will be focusing on one of the essential parts of the Chesapeake Bay economy, the crabbing industry. The app and website will also use live data from the bay and prior knowledge of migratory patterns to find the most likely place different crab species would be at that point in time in the bay. Our group would like to talk to local recreational or commercial crabbers to see what they need so we can make a helpful website form them.


  • GROUPS I, L, P: We are Chesapeek, a conservation group, and we strive to maintain and improve the condition of the Chesapeake Bay, by giving people the information for what needs to be improved upon or done. We are studying the wildlife, environment, what the bay’s data means to the ecosystem, and ways to change the data to benefit the area. We want to create an app that provides a visual map of the Bay‰’s buoy‰’s data. Additionally, when you are on the data page it will display what this means and what can be done. We want to contact and communicate with the Chesapeake Conservancy, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, any Bay volunteers, or other conservationists.