Hi Chesapeake Network!

Last chance to sign up for our awesome intro course to weather and climate taught by Martin Schmidt. See below for details and hope to have you join us!

Please join us for a fantastic 6 session course about climate and weather with Martin Schmidt this spring! This is a perfect course for beginners.


We’re immersed in the weather all the time. This class will help you observe and make sense of what’s happening around us.  Weather forecasts abound, but when we look for patterns in our everyday weather we can understand the processes underlying those forecasts.

During these six classes we’ll look at many sources of information we have today–from local to global.  After examining the systems that create our usual daily weather, we’ll look at extremes like thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes to see how they form, grow, and dissipate.  And, of course, we will look at what science says is happening in regard to climate change, including what to expect and what actions the data indicate are needed.


Some of the specific topics that will be covered include:

  • Weather features, how they are measured, and what they tell us

  • Sources of weather data and forecasts, and how to examine patterns in data.

  • Global atmospheric circulation patterns and seasons

  • How high and low pressure systems create everyday weather

  • Weather extremes and being prepared for them

  • Climate – what it has been, what influences it, how it’s changing now


Instructor: Martin Schmidt


Suggested Resource: The Weather Book, by Jack Williams


Bring (optional): Materials and supplies for taking notes (including laptop or electronic notebook)


Cost: $144 – Please pay online at http://www.marylandnature.org/events


We will be meeting every Thursday from April 5, 2018 through May 10, 2018 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Below are the specific dates for each session:


Thursday April 5

Thursday April 12

Thursday April 19

Thursday April 26

Thursday May 3

Thursday May 10


Martin Schmidt has been teaching grades 9-12 at McDonogh School since 1978, including physics, chemistry, and geosciences over the years.  He is author of the book, Maryland’s Geology, published by Schiffer Publishers, which is designed to give a basic geologic background & then apply it to the state, for students, teachers, and laymen.  He feels fortunate to have been able to travel to the Andes, the Alps, & the Himalayas, and finds it fascinating to see the variety and similarity of geologic features around the world. He loves maps and can play around with GIS for hours.  Lately he’s been filling his calendar talking to naturalists, teachers, citizens, and park rangers about Maryland geology, and enjoys sharing that information. And besides looking down at the rocks, he’s just as watchful looking up at the weather and the stars, as he finds all of Earth science absorbing!



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