Do you live near the Bay? Do you work on the Bay? Do you love the Bay?

You can be a direct help to a local high school STEM class by filling out this form. The class is learning to analyze data and each group will develop a digital app for the specific needs of a Chesapeake Bay stakeholder. That means, we need real stakeholders with individual interests. Please please fill out this form. After the form you may receive up to two emails from me with student questions, or just say, no emails please, in the form.

Last year, students made apps for fishermen, kayakers, and residents concerned with pollution, algal blooms, and microplastics. But we will NOT recycle these stakeholders, we want this to be as real as possible, up to date, based on your needs now. That’s why we need you to participate. Thank you!

-Katey Shirey and the 10th-grade students from the Global STEM Challenges course in Fairfax, VA

UPDATE 11/26/18:  THANK YOU! We received two dozen responses and are in great shape now. Thanks again! I look forward to sharing the results of the students work on this forum in the future. Take care!