Update on November 1, 2019: Thank you to all of you who completed our form! We have 20 responses from a wide swath of Chesapeake Bay enthusiasts. Thanks so much for coming through!!


Dear Chesapeake Network members,

For the past two years, you have come through in a big way for high schoolers at a local school. Will you do it again? Fill out this quick form about how you interact with the Bay.

Details:  This 10th-grade project asks students to design and program a digital platform to communicate something about the Bay to a stakeholder–You! Your input will really be used by a group of kids. Due to privacy laws we can’t really have them email you, but if you consent, the teachers might reach out to ask follow-up questions. Even though the students can’t write to you directly, your needs are the driving part of this whole project. Here is an example from one 2018 group’s reflection:

“Once we received our stakeholder the name we received was ‘D53.’ Our stakeholder lives in Baltimore, Maryland and uses the bay for recreational uses. They boat on the bay and have waterfront property. Our stakeholder believed a problem with the bay was too many nutrients running off into the bay and asked that we’d give them swimming warnings. When we read the information from the stakeholder, we realized that we needed to specify what parameters we would be putting in our communication and who they would be for. When we figured that out, our refined problem statement turned into this statement: We as web developers, seek to create an app that communicates information about factors that can be dangerous to swimmers such as pH, ammonia, turbidity, water temperature, and turbidity and where they find safe swim areas if they are too low or too high for a Chesapeake Bay owner and recreational user.”

Please help keep this terrific project authentic by completing our form.

Our goal this year will be to de-identify the student work and post it back to this forum for comments! Please help us get going with your input. Feel free to reach out with your questions or concerns. Thank you so much,