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Anne Arundel DEIJ Forum

CStREAM added a new Announcement

Posted October 18, 2023

Are you interested in hosting a C-StREAM intern this summer? Here is how you can! (**DEADLINE NOVEMBER 10)

Dear Colleagues, Are you eager to support young aspiring environmental professionals? The Chesapeake Research Consortium’s (CRC) Chesapeake Student Recruitment, Early Advisement, and Mentoring (C-StREAM) program is focused on recruiting, advising, and mentoring college students from populations who have been historically excluded from the environmental field and are underrepresented in environmental research and management professions. For…

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Sarah Knebel added a new Announcement

Posted July 15, 2022

Board engagement in DEIJ work

Hello! Here are the presentation and resource links provided in our July 2022 meeting. Lots to unpack here 🙂 Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/12isgXjWCsNcVq4Ugasn3-6yhC08q0o3qPso_fNOiNUQ/edit#slide=id.gf473e8fb2c_0_61 Links shared in the chat:  White supremacy culture https://diversity.iu.edu/doc/anti-racist/resources-articles-lit/White-Supremacy-Culture-Tema-Okun2.pdf Culture Audit https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sBCGJf_LiO14HaCo44dS6Fst89XG7J5I

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Sarah Knebel added a new Announcement

Posted July 13, 2022

Welcome to the Water Equity Initiative (WEI) Group!

Here’s a place we can submit resources and events for all to benefit from, and post questions etc. so we can keep in touch and ask questions between our quarterly meetings.

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Sarah Knebel added a new Announcement

Posted April 19, 2022

WSA DEIJ Hiring Practices April 2022

Thank you Noelle and Suzanne for giving us insight into your hiring practices last week! Here is the Dropbox link to: WSA’s 4.13.2022 presentation for us, Erin O’Grady’s notes about the meeting, WSA’s DEIJ RFP, A proposal in response to that RFP, and WSA’s presentation to their board regarding this subject.

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lucyheller added a new Announcement

Posted August 24, 2021

Alliance AA County DEIJ Series With Nonprofit HR Session 2

Alliance Anne Arundel County DEIJ Series with Nonpofit HR 2021 – Session 2

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