Dear Chesapeake Network!

The Natural History Society of Maryland cordially invites you to attend our first annual gala, an evening in the Cabinet of Curiosities on Saturday May 19th, 2018.

The Natural History Society of Maryland has been working to preserve the natural world, and inspire exploration and stewardship in Marylanders of all ages since 1929. As many of you already know, NHSM is a  volunteer-led non-profit organization. The majority of our funds come from program fees, membership fees, and donations. Cabinet of Curiosities will be our first fundraising gala, and we are hoping the ticket sales and donations from this event will advance the organization to the next steps. Thank you for helping to keep our doors open to all Marylanders.

We are so excited for our first gala that will surely be nanty narking! So be sure to bring a chuckaboo or two!

The evening will harken to a golden age of discovery featuring:

  • live animals
  • vintage style cocktails, wine, and beer
  • light refreshments
  • music
  • silent auction
  • tours of the collection
  • invigorating connections with other naturalists in the area
  • and more

Each ticket includes two free drinks. Alcoholic drinks will only be permitted for our 21 and older guests. Please bring your ID! We will not be tolerant of kruger-spoof. All ages are welcome from the young ones to the dizzy age. Underage guests will just need to get one of their daddles stamped.

Cocktail attire or period costume optional and highly encouraged

Active members of NHSM will receive a $20 discount, so be sure to look through your email for the code. If you haven’t received the email, send an email to

At the beginning of the Victorian era, the majority of scientists consisted of amateur scholars, who observed and recorded everyday phenomena. These hobbyists often compiled vast private collections of specimens, which they or other scientists would then catalog. Later in the century, amateurs and trained scientists would band together to form scientific societies that served to provide a forum for discussion of current observations and theories. It was because of these groups of people that the Natural History Society of Maryland was formed. And it is because of you incredible naturalists that we are able to continue.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


We hope you consider donating or becoming a member. Please refer to for more information.