Internship alert!
C-StREAM Positions 2024 V3CRC’s C-StREAM program has opened applications for summer 2024.
C-StREAM is focused on recruiting, advising, and mentoring college students from populations who have been historically excluded from the environmental field and are underrepresented in environmental research and management professions. These eight management-based experiences will provide C-StREAM Fellows with a unique opportunity to contribute to large-scale, long-term natural resource management and policy development.
➡️ Invasive Species BMP Internship (Chesapeake Bay Program)
➡️ Developing a Graph Database and Knowledge Graph Visualization Application for the Chesapeake Bay Partnership (Chesapeake Bay Program & U.S. Geological Survey (USGS))
➡️ Environmental Literacy Workgroup (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Chesapeake Bay Office)
➡️ Fish Ecology Position (NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office)
➡️ Impacts of Sea Level Rise and Climate Change on Chesapeake Shallow Aquifer (Old Dominion University)
➡️ Research Assistant – Assessing the feasibility of assisted macroinvertebrate colonization in achieving ecological uplift in restored streams in the Chesapeake Bay Region (Penn State)
➡️ Describing the coastal soundscape in the Severn River, Annapolis MD USNA (United States Naval Academy)
➡️ Environmental Justice Science Communication (Virginia Institute of Marine Science)
Applications are due January 28, 2024. Find the position descriptions and application details here: