St. Luke’s Youth Center (SLYC), is soliciting proposals for  construction-ready designs and permits for improvements to stormwater management infrastructure on the campus of SLYC at 217 North Carey Street in west Baltimore. The project will have two phases; (1) to address an immediate need to manage water infiltration into the basement, especially at the northwest corner of the church:   evaluate and design improvements to all of the church gutters and downspouts; evaluate and design improvements to  foundation drainage on the north and west side of the church; and design a rain garden to capture stormwater, and (2) design stormwater management improvements for the rest of the campus. Phase 1 will be completed as soon as possible to enable implementation to move forward quickly. Phase 2 will proceed with input from SLYC, the community and other funders to incorporate stormwater BMPs into a comprehensive plan for improving the play field and parking lot. The complete RFP is attached.