The Chesapeake Research Consortium (CRC) is an incorporated, non-profit association of seven academic and research institutions located within Chesapeake Bay region.  As an association of some of the most active research centers in the U.S., a primary goal is to ensure continued long-term support for basic and applied research for coastal issues, from land-based watershed considerations through rigorous investigation of water quality and living resources in its aquatic ecosystems.  CRC not only seeks continued research in the Chesapeake watershed but is a regional resource to ensure the transfer of this accumulating information to those in the regional jurisdictions required to manage our air, lands, and waters.

Through the CRC Environmental Management Career Development Program, CRC works in conjunction with the Chesapeake Bay Program to provide 3-year entry-level staff opportunities for early career environmental professionals as the partnership works to restore the Chesapeake Bay.  The staffers assist the Chesapeake Bay Program in their restoration efforts by providing coordination and administrative support and assistance on technical and management projects.  Additionally, staffers mature professionally by participating in a variety of group training and educational experiences, individual professional development experiences and volunteer activities. The Career Development Program is an excellent way to build relationships with people from all parts of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and to explore future career steps and possibilities.

All CRC Environmental Management Staffers are located within the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership’s office in Annapolis, MD.